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Welcome to Plantrie Tech

We are a team of creators who are enthusiastic to innovate something new every day. We canvas all aspects of digital marketing by constructing necessary platforms for you to reach, engage and convert your customers. We are a marketing agency like no other. With a joint mint of creativity, we develop mobile apps, websites, API’s, marketing strategies, business plans which generate results and work the best for you!


Creative Services like No other

Our Creativity goes beyond the regular norms. We brainstorm the ultimate strategy for your business which you would never have thought of before.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Do great work

We tell your Story Best

Every business is as good as its story told to its customers. We ensure that it’s the best version of it which is put forth. Our team aims for a story which is golden for many years to come.

Brand Initiation

We love to work with start-ups. That’s where our team shines the most. While developing your marketing strategy, we write a narration that stands out and touches your customers unforgettably.

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Need help finding the best solution to operate your business?

Every brand requires designing of its systems, structures, customer touch points and conversion strategy.

To have a roadmap set for your business, is crucial. We provide a business plan step-by-step guided to success.

A creative marketing strategy is a backbone to any business. We polish your qualities to impress your customers.

Development of any platform should not only have the features you expect as a business owner to posses. It shall also possess the marketing aspects which cutomers are looking for.

For a seamless growth pattern, it is essential to take from other’s experiences. We research maximum case studies for you.

Any product or service if doesn’t make your customers come back, they aren’t a good mix for your business.

For first time founders, many fail to understand the focus points of the business, thus they fail in their business as well. We help derive the best suited focus points for your business and keep you on track!

Your business’s Unique Selling Proposition is the aspect which makes it stand out and memorable for any customer. We ensure it is the best, compared to your competition.

We guide the client’s patentable technology identification. And which region they should be restoring their copyrights.

There are always some tweaks required for the business to make in their products or services to make it unique. Our teams have the best guides for that.

It’s difficult for all business to reap benefits from their online identity. Even for a longtime offline business its possible to gain monetary benefits from online interactions. We help them derive the best strategies for the business.

At any given point the business are to imply newer modifications of technology to their products or services in order to save themselves from going obsolete. We guide the companies to find the best suited tweak in tech.