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Plantre Tech is one of the top app developers in Qatar and has been dominating the IT sector with the largest customer base and the most amazing apps in the current market.Our primary objective is to harness the power of the web and other digital solutions by delivering the best –in –class experience. We have consistently been one of the top app developers in Qatar as we are serving varied business segments to help them leverage the potential of technology. We have deployed successful mobile apps satisfying the customer’s requirements and offering world-class solutions. We have been developing web apps, websites, native mobile apps, cross-platform apps, and a lot more.

Our services 

Custom iOS and Android apps development

Native and cross-platform solutions

Tablet App Development

Wear App Development

Consulting and prototyping

UI/UX Design

QA and testing

Embedded Android customizations

Maintenance and Support

Mobile Application development for various platforms

Plantrie tech is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Doha, Qatar that offers top-notch business solutions. Our mobile app developers have over a decade long expertise in building solutions that meets market needs, builds a brand and helps business expansion

Native Mobile App Development

Our native App Development Engineers build native apps that seamlessly work on both iOS and android systems aligned with your business and security requirements 

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Our Hybrid mobile app development engineers blend leading-edge technologies and frameworks to create highly engaging, feature-rich, and scalable Hybrid apps. 

Windows App Development

Windows is undoubtedly a powerful mobile operating system for  smartphone apps. Our tech-savvy and meticulous developers help you in developing diverse and unique mobile applications to meet your business specifications.

Wearables And Embedded Platform

We provide companion apps for a number of wearable devices, integrate with smart devices or proprietary peripherals.

Android app development 

An idea that can have the pulse to make you sit and think, if this works out it will be a great game-changer for the coming days. This is what relates to app development too. As the top android  app development company in Qatar, our ultimate goal is to attract more users and help meet their needs but in the best and innovative way. With our android development team, the ideas will be boundless and development is seamless. 

Why app development? 

Application development is crucial across all sectors-business, college, banking, etc to provide the best, seemingly performance and the best user experience throughout. Not just an idea sprouting and going to make an app is not the thing here. User experience; which gets you there for what you are looking for, not taking too many roundabouts. Seamless transitions between interfaces and eye-catchy design do play a great role in the download rate of applications.

The first impression is that the best will never get old; coming to app development makes a big statement. Innovative, user-friendly, and providing comprehensive solutions while using an app is the best you can have. And for the best in class and quality; it is granted by android app development company in Doha ,Qatar. 

Our app development team makes us one of the top app developers in Qatar  is the best in requirement when it comes to organising ideas; on how users can transform according to their need. Right from the 

strategy,design,development,testing,deployment,implementation,integration of the application with the android platform and providing comprehensive solutions from A to Z. 

User interface Design

‘A good teacher is the one that grabs and holds the attention of the students and then teaches the lessons.’ This is very apt in the case of design development. It grabs the attention of the users and spends as much time as possible on the app. Our hyperactive team is always on the process to make the app user friendly which makes us one of the best android app development company in Doha, Qatar

Application implementation

if an idea is not implemented, it never becomes real. Keeping this in mind that every resource must undergo crucial levels to see how it works. Same with apps too. Monitoring and continuous evaluation can strike out which is unnecessary and make it work at the best and optimised. Our development team can assure on how better,faster and safer the user can make use of the app. 

Cost effective App development

Most people believe that app development is quite expensive and limited budget apps are destined to fail. This is a wrong case. Many apps which became successful came out in a low budget even. Our app developers greatly differ both in their experience and quotes offered by balancing these two aspects. Our development team handles the whole-designing,developing,maintenance,marketing,etc. Deciding the price range in accordance to the purpose of the app and not developing from the very scratch instead using open source framework to reduce time and just making sure to make it to the user's interest. 

Not just app development is what we would like to convey to our customers; but with values that reach to the people in the right time eventually meeting their purpose along by acquisition, engagement and retention with customers. As the leading android app developer in Doha, qatar ; it is the brand loyalty truly earned by caring for our customers which deeply resonates and stands out from others.

iOS App Development

iPhone set the stage for modern smartphones and changed the way we use mobile devices. iOS became one of most utilized mobile application platforms, giving a new meaning to what can be achieved with a mobile device. In recent years, iOS app development has taken a giant leap in Qatar and is one of the dominant mobile operating systems in the country.

Plantrie tech is one of the best iOS App development companies in Qatar. Our technical and rich team of designers are among the top app developers in Qatar. We follow the iOS Human Interface Guidelines to create iOS apps that are beautiful and engaging.With the complete understanding of iPhone app development that reach the targeted customers, we ascertain that the iPhone applications are visually amazing and innovative to provide the clients and the organization a good appeal. 


Key features 

App Lifecycle Management Service

We help you to achieve maximum results throughout the app development  life cycle – from an idea, through production to launch and product’s success 

Custom iOS App Development

Our expertise in iPhone application development is unparalleled and top-notch. We provide solutions that are adaptive and dynamic and agile

iOS App Design

Our best iOS App developers design elegant, feature-rich, custom iOS applications that meet the unique needs of the  entrepreneurs & small businesses.

iOS App Security and Source Code Audit

As one of the best iPhone Application development companies.We follow best practices to build custom iOS applications with advanced security features.

iOS App Maintenance

We offer you perfectly-synchronized and budget friendly  iOS App maintenance & Upgrade services that help your iOS app lead the App Store without any decrease in its popularity

Latest iOS technology and AI-powered solutions

Our iOS apps use revolutionary latest technology and as per the requirements we automate the task and provide AI-powered solutions for multiple iOS platforms with the right blend of experience and technology.

Trusted Service

We are a leading  app development company in Qatar having successfully delivered solutions that are loved and downloaded by millions. We help Startups and Businesses around the globe develop next-gen iOS apps with cutting-edge technology and empower businesses with custom iOS App development

Payment Gateway

We provide secure mobile payment integration for iOS; we specialize in ecommerce and m-commerce mobile application development with high security standards.